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Visiting Tombstone, Arizona is truly an adventure into the Old West. During its years as the nation's most notorious Boomtown, Tombstone became famous for the outrageous way that its residents lived... and died. All of these attractions and many more including gunfights, stagecoach rides and mining tours are located within an easy walking distance of Katie's Cabins. You can see it all!


The Boothill Graveyard

Opened in 1878, the Boothill Graveyard was the primary burial place for Tombstone during its wildest years. A town that earned a reputation for gambling and lawlessness, there was no shortage of new residents to the the Boothill. Some of the most famous graves are, of course, those of Billy Clanton and the McLaury brothers who were killed by Doc Holliday and the Earps in the famous shootout at the OK Corral. They are buried side by side in Boothill. An additonal marker on their graves reads, "Murdered on the streets of Tombstone, 1881.


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The Tombstone Courthouse

Constructed in 1882, the Tombstone Courthouse remained in service for fifty years. From its opening date until Arizona became a state in 1912, capital punishment was the duty of the county courts and justice was swift. A view of the scaffold in Courtyard tells an ominous story as many lawbreakers came face to face with justice here in the form of a noose. Its most famous public execution took place on March 8, 1884 when five robbers were simultaneously hanged in the yard.
The Courthouse is now a State Historic Landmark and displays many antiques and artifacts regarding the mining, gambling and ranching history of Cochise County.


Big Nose Kate's Saloon

Built in 1881 and once the Grand Hotel of Tombstone (the place where the Clantons and the McLaurys stayed the night before their fatal shootout at the OK Corral with the Earps), Big Nose Kate's is a wonderful place to take a break and enjoy an ice cold beer and a bit of the authentic Old West. Named for Doc Holliday's girlfriend, this saloon captures her legendary spirited nature... which together with music and memorabilia.... treats you to a truly enjoyable experience.


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The Bird Cage Theatre

Named for the 14 cages suspended from the ceiling in the main hall where the 'ladies of the evening' were on display, the Bird Cage Theatre quickly earned itself a reputation and was rated the "wickedest" night club in America by the New York Times. Well known for its wild and raunchy nights, the Bird Cage offered its patrons lots of gambling, liquor and 'evening entertainment'. When the Mining Boom ended in 1889, the Bird Cage was completely boarded up with all its furnishings intact. In 1934 it re-opened as a historic landmark and displays its contents in their original state as they were in the time of the Earps. Many relics of Old Tombstone are on display here including the Black Moriah, the legendary black hearse that carried many of Tombstone's dearly departed to their final resting place in Boothill.
Many visitors find that the most compelling display inside the Bird Cage is the downstairs poker room. All the furnishings are said to be exactly as they were the day the Theatre was boarded up in 1889, including the positioning of the chairs and the bottle of liquor on the nearby bar. Several smaller rooms open off of this poker room as well, where the men could be 'entertained' by the ladies who worked in this 'House of Ill Fame'. Pictures of the young girls and women who worked in the Bird Cage line the halls and stairways, giving you a haunting glimpse into the eyes of the past.


The OK Corral

Step into the OK Corral and re-live a bit of history. This is the site of the famous shootout between the Earps and some of the members of the Cowboys. Daily re-enactments of the shootout give you a realistic look at what really happened on the afternoon of October 26th, 1881. You won't soon forget this lively show or its hilarious characters.


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These are just a few of the more well known places to see in Tombstone... there are many more local attractions that you won't want to miss including The Good Enough Mine Underground Tour and the Tombstone Western Heritage Museum!